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Pepiere 'Clos des Briords' Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2015

Pepiere 'Clos des Briords' Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2015

  • 1799

"An old-vines cuvée of Muscadet from a single plot vineyard, planted in schist. These are among the oldest vines in Marc's estate (they were planted in 1930) and enjoy a particularly good exposition. While most of Marc's vines are planted on poor, shallow soil with hard granite very close to the surface, the Clos des Briords has a much deeper top soil of clay and silica over a brittle granite subsoil; this ensures excellent drainage in wet years, and better moisture retention in dry summers. Ripening is slower, and the longer hang-time before harvest allows for optimal maturity to be reached.

Because of the soil and greater concentration achieved with old vines, the Clos des Briords is a more powerful wine that most Muscadets. It is very mineral and quite austere in its youth, rather than fruity and light. Over a few months, or even years if one can wait for it, it develops much complexity in aromatics and structure."