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You can view our beer selection on Beermenus

We usually have four or five beers available by the growler. We fill our own (32 & 64oz) and other peoples' growlers in all legal sizes. 

Funky Buddha is one of our favorite breweries and we get just about everything they release. 

We're in the process of expanding our beer selection and have begun to carry more from the esteemed Shelton Brothers portfolio like Prairie Artisan Ales, Grimm, Jolly Pumpkin, Siren etc. Help us grow and keep building a unique selection with your support.

We sell pulp wine shippers which are oddly popular with beer customers for some reason. They come in the following sizes: 1 bottle ($3), 2 bottle ($4), 3 bottle ($5) 6 bottle ($6) and 12 bottle ($10). These are not the styrofoam shippers (U-Haul is a good source for them online).