New Releases From Funky Buddha Brewery December & January

Dec 09 , 2016

Tom Kisthart

New Releases From Funky Buddha Brewery December & January

'Tis the season for exciting new releases from our favorite Florida brewery: Funky Buddha.

Their cocaine-themed chocolate milk porter Nib Smuggler is out now and we should have available through January. 

Strawberry Shortcake which is part of their Little Buddha Small Batch Series is available at the time of this writing but these things tend to go quick. It's a wheat ale with strawberries and vanilla added.

Later in December is when it gets really interesting. We hope to get our hands on some of their I'm so excited I'm scared. From what I can tell it's their Imperial Russian Stout (Nikolai Vorlauf) with coffee and vanilla added. Sadly, it looks like the original version of Nikolai Vorlauf will be kept as a tasting room only release this year.

Also later in the month, they're releasing something new called Last Buffalo in the Park which is Buffalo Trace barrel aged Snowed In (aka barrel aged Imperial Last Snow). We're told that we will be able to get our hands on some, stay tuned for release date. 

January is when they release their most famous beer Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. In the past it's been available by attending the festival only but this year I'm told bottles are hitting distribution throughout the state. Also new this year, various establishments in Florida will all be taping a keg of Maple Bacon Coffee Porter on the same day which will be January 26th. Guess who scored a spot on the list.

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Stay funky!