Celebrities seem to run our culture today.  Their faces adorn nearly everything we purchase these days and in the past 10 years, they have started to make their way into the alcohol industry.  It seems like every brand has a celebrity associated with it, from liquor to beer and especially wine.  There are different levels of association.  Some are strictly spokespeople while others actually help create the product which I really appreciate.

Cameron Diaz is one of the most recent celebrities to get into the wine game with her new line of wines called Avaline.  However, she didn't just slap her name on a label or make another basic wine, she went a step further and created a wine that is actually fairly unique and part of a growing trend in the wine industry, organic.

Avaline is organically farmed wines with no additives and all the ingredients are printed on the label.  They do not hide any of the nutritional information.  This isn't a rule in wine, you do not need to do this, but they want their wine to be totally transparent to their consumers.  The wines do not all come from the same place as some wines do.  Instead, they have found organic farms and producers in regions they feel work best for their wines.  Most come from France and Spain.  They then create their wines as naturally and transparently as they can.  The result are clean organic and delicious wines that are not only organic, but also vegan friendly.

We currently offer the Rose and White.  Both were given 90+ ratings from the Tasting Panel.  The Rose comes from a producer in Provence France.  An area well known for Rose.  The White comes from Spain in the Penedes region.  Wonderful crisp and refreshing whites are grown in this region.  These are also non-vintage wines.  This means they do not necessarily come from one year.  It allows them to create a wine that best suites the style which they are looking for and to help keep a consistent flavor profile.

Creating organic wines with so much care and detail is not an inexpensive process.  They are not mass producing these wines.  However, these wines are still amazing values for the everyday consumer.  They both cost less than $20 a bottle.  It is nice to see the transparency they have put into their wines.  Creating clean, organic wines that you know exactly what is in it.  Cameron Diaz has really done a wonderful job with these wines.

Avaline White Wine

Avaline Rose Wine

-Patrick Mulrooney

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