Chardonnay is one of the most popular grapes grown around the world, yet with wine drinkers it seems to be either a love it or hate it grape.  Sometimes when I offer a sample of a Chardonnay to a customer, their reaction is as if I am offering them a taste of poison.  Unfortunately, many people try a grape from one winery and if they do not like it, then they never try another one ever again. Just because I don't like a Hamburger at one restaurant doesn't mean I am never going to eat a hamburger again.  I am going to keep trying them until I find the restaurant that has the best hamburger.  This is how wine should be as well.  Grapes can be grown and produced in so many different ways that each one is different.  We wouldn't have so many choices if they all tasted the same.  

Chardonnay especially is a grape that can be made in many different styles.  Most people know Chardonnay as a big buttery creamy oaky wine.  While this style is very popular with some, many people despise it, which I totally understand, but is no reason to write it off completely. 

One California winery that is trying to change that way of thinking is Copain Wines.  Started in 1999, they have strived to make Chardonnay that is more elegant.  By elegant, I mean more of a balance between acidity, fruit and oak.  There are layers in the wine.  Oak and butter may be present, but you also get a nice balance of apple and pear as well.  The original owner and winemaker, Wells Guthrie, wanted to make the 'Audrey Hepburn' of wines, elegant and classy.  Although Copain has a new wine maker, this goal remains the same. 

Copain Les Voisins Chardonnay is the perfect example of elegance and class.  Burgundian in style (less oak, more fruit and acidity), this Chardonnay is the perfect balance between traditional California Chardonnay and old school white Burgundy from France. It is the best of both worlds.  It has a touch of oak with bright fruit and wonderful acidity that makes this wine a perfect paring with food.

The 2017 was given two 92 point ratings from Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast.  It sells for upwards of $35 some places and we have a ridiculous deal at under $20!   The quality in this wine would be equivalent to a White Burgundy that is nearly $50.  

Although many people will disregard this wine because it has Chardonnay in the name, I beg those of you whom are even slightly adventurous, to give this amazing deal a try!  It is a $20 wine that will definitely not disappoint. 

Copain Les Voisins Chardonnay 2017

-Patrick Mulrooney

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