This past weekend I finally closed on a new condo.  I last owned a place about 15 years ago and vowed I would never own again until I knew it was a place I never was going to leave.  I feel like this will be that place.  However, I still hate the process of buying a house.  They try to make it as difficult as possible.  I am sure people much smarter than me can explain it, but I just don't understand why closing times can fluctuate so much and why so many signatures are needed!

Alas, it was finally finished and with that comes the need to celebrate!  What else are you supposed to drink when you celebrate than sparkling wine.  Most people would just say Champagne, which is fine, however what they end up opening is not actually Champagne.  This is one of those never-ending battles in which I choose not to fight any more.  That battle is how it can only be Champagne if it comes from Champagne France.  With that being said, to get a true Champagne you need to spend nearly $40 nowadays.  I just bought a condo; I don't need to be spending that much on a bottle of wine just to celebrate.

Instead, I can go to many other places in the world to find some amazing sparkling wine that will taste just as good at nearly half the price.  One of those regions is Italy.  Sparkling wine in Italy is mostly known as Prosecco, although that is a region more than a term for a style of wine.  With that being said, it is easier to just say that Prosecco is Italian sparkling wine, like we say Cava is Spanish sparkling wine.

One of these Italian sparkling wines that I think is just an amazing value is Ferrari Trento Brut.  Yes, it is owned by the Ferrari car company.  That is beside the point however because the wine can truly stand by itself.  This wine is 100% Chardonnay.  A 90-point rated wine from both Wine Enthusiast and big Jim Suckling.  Even the Wine Advocate has this to say about it, "An Italian classic and a terrific value, the Ferrari NV Trento Brut is all Chardonnay that opens to
crystalline luminosity and brilliance. This is the quintessential Italian aperitivo wine."

I do like to encourage people to drink more sparkling wine and not just wait for big occasions and celebrations to pop the cork, however, if you do wait for these special moments, remember you do not need to spend a fortune.  Champagne is wonderful and definitely delicious, but many countries make excellent sparkling wine and Italy is one of those places!

Ferrari Trento Brut

-Patrick Mulrooney

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