Every few years there seems to be a new trend in the wine industry.  When the movie Sideways came out, Pinot Noir became extremely popular, then Malbec from Argentina was the hot new grape.  Thanks to the emergence of The Prisoner, Zinfandel based red blends became all the rage.  With whites, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc made a big splash until consumers learned of Sancerre from France.  Now Rose is everywhere, and it seems to be Rose all day!  There always seems to be a new varietal or region that seems to hit mainstream consumers and really take off.  I have one that I think is bound to become one of these new hot and must have trends in the wine industry, if we can just get people to try it.

In the far Northwest corner of Spain, just north of Portugal lies a wine region called Rias Baixas.  The fact that most people have no idea how to pronounce this region may be partly to blame for its lack of understanding and popularity, but in this region a white grape is grown called Albarino.  Pale golden lemon, they are all crisp, elegant and fresh. These wines are bone-dry and aromatic, packed with flavors of white peach, apricot, melon, pineapple, mango and honeysuckle. They share good natural acidity, have mineral overtones, and are medium bodied with moderate alcohol.  These are perfect wines for any summer day and should be on every outdoor grilling party table just like Rose is currently.

Due to the lack of popularity and also because it is a relatively small region with limited production, it can be hard to come across an Albarino.  Most of your grocery store chains will not carry them.  You need to go to an actual wine shop where you could potentially find 2 or 3 different ones.  I have rarely found an Albarino I have not liked, however, today I have one that always seems to stand out from the rest.


The Granbazan Etiqueta is a classic producer in Rias Baixas and makes amazing Albarino.  They have a number of different wines, but the Verde is their entry level and an amazing value wine.  This wine has consistently gotten 90-plus points scores for the past five years and is only $15.99!  The current vintage has not been scored yet, but I guarantee it will receive another 90-point score.  

Made from the best cold macerated musts by mixing the drop and soft pressed of Albariño grapes, the vineyards of over 35 years old, from a soil with a high granite content, on the banks of the Arousa estuary, and with a strong Atlantic personality.  A classic Albariño with the characteristics of the Salnés subzone, where the citrus and green apple aromas predominate, with a fresh acidity, dry, and a salty aftertaste.

This wine would be the perfect pairing for any hot summer day.  I know that if we could just get more people to try it, Albarino could easily become the new hot wine.  I highly recommend giving this wine a try and to search for other Albarino as well!  You will not be disappointed.

Granbazan Etiqueta Verde Albarino 2021

-Patrick Mulrooney

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