It is just about that time of year when everyone begins to go into their local wine shop to buy possibly the only bottle of sparkling wine they will drink the entire year.  It is unfortunate that people seem to only drink sparkling wine on special occasions, but hopefully people have lots of special occasions throughout the year to celebrate.

Sparkling wine is one type of wine that I have a hard time finding one that I actually dislike.  There are definitely ones that I prefer over others, but it is just such a fun wine to drink.  The bubbles just bounce over your palate, and it always makes me feel so fancy.

Sparkling wine is produced all over the world and is known as something different in many places.  Obviously, the most famous sparkling wine is Champagne, and it is also probably the most misused term in wine.  Champagne is just a place in France that produces sparkling wine, so they are the only ones that can legally call their sparkling wine Champagne.  Spanish sparkling wine is known as Cava and Italian sparkling wine is commonly known as Prosecco.  Most of the rest of the countries just refer to it as sparkling wine.  Besides the differences in names, they also all have their distinct differences in taste as well.  It takes tasting lots of them to figure out which style you prefer.  

For one of the most popular nights for sparkling wine, I tend to always go with what I feel is the best sparkling wine in the world, Champagne.  Champagne has started to price themselves similar to Napa Valley.  The prices seem too just continue to go up.  Today however, I have an excellent option for New Year's Eve.  Inspiration 1818 Champagne Brut is a second label from the amazing Billecart-Salmon Champagne house.  This Champagne is only $35! Almost all Champagne is over $40 nowadays.  Enjoy a glass as you cheer in a new year!

Inspiration 1818 Champagne Brut

-Patrick Mulrooney

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