New Year's Eve, Graduations, Birthdays, Promotions.  These are just a few of the many times people look to grab a bottle of sparkling wine, pull the cork to hear the loud pop and pour to watch the bubbles flow.  The feeling of hearing the pop of the cork, the bubbles in the glass and the enjoyment of the moment are all very exciting.  However, we shouldn't wait for these big moments or achievements.  Sparkling wine should be enjoyed all the time, on Friday night, Sunday afternoon, or even with a bag of potato chips!

Sparkling wine is a fairly misunderstood drink.  First off, NOT at all sparkling wine is Champagne.  Champagne is a place in France, so if you are drinking a sparkling wine from California, it definitely is not Champagne.  Secondly, although it is a great way to celebrate special occasions, sparkling wine is actually great for just everyday drinking as well.  It is a great aperitif and pairs wonderfully with so many dishes (pop a bottle with your next bag of potato chips, seriously!).  Thirdly, many people don't quite know how to open a bottle of sparkling wine appropriately. 

Although it is fun to hear a loud pop and see it overflow from the bottle, this is just a waste of perfectly good wine.  The bottle should first never be pointed towards anyone nearby (the cork can literally take someone's eye out).  Once the wire cage, also known as the Muselet, has been loosened, it should not be removed.  With a cloth towel, wrap the wire cage and cork with one hand and slowly twist from the bottom of the bottle with the other hand.  The natural pressure in the bottle will begin to force the cork out into the cloth in your hand.  As the cork begins to pop out, you want to make sure it makes the quietest sound possible, like a Nun's fart as they say.  Now it is time to pour but be careful because it will bubble up fast.  Only pour half a glass and then continue to the next glass and come back around once the bubbles have subsided.

I have babbled enough.  There is so much to explain about sparkling wine and the differences all around the world, but mainly I just want to get the point across that we should be drinking more sparkling wine!  We should be celebrating EVERY day!  I know at times, we don't feel like celebrating, but whenever I get a glass of sparkling wine and feel those bubbles hit my nose, I can't help but smile.

One excellent sparkling wine to try is the Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco. Prosecco is Italian sparkling wine made from the Galerna grape.  Again, so much more to explain, but that is for another day.  This wine got 94 points from Wine Enthusiast and was their #1 wine of 2019.  It is very similar to Champagne, but maybe slightly less dry, but NOT SWEET!  It is well worth a try at under $20 a bottle.  Which is half the price of any decent Champagne.

Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco Superiore NV - 750ml

-Patrick Mulrooney

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