It is definitely summer in Florida.  I think for the next 4 months it is going to be 90 and humid.  I know a lot of my friends up north think that sounds miserable, but it is our bad time of the year.  The difference between Florida and the north, is that during the bad time of year up there, you don't see the sun for 4 months and you can't do anything in fear of dying in the cold.  In Florida, I get to go lay by the pool and sip on a fun drink!  Between those two, I will take the later.

Along with summer, comes Rose season for wine.  In Florida it may always be Rose season, however, up north, once the weather changes and Memorial Day comes around the wine racks go from reds and whites to reds, whites and ROSE! Pink everywhere!  The soccer moms go from putting Rombauer Chardonnay in their coffee cups to Whispering Angel Rose.  And all the basic b!@#$'s need their fix of Brangelina's newest vintage of pink stuff.  All jokes aside, it is very nice to see people drinking rose again.  Despite having to explain that none of these roses are sweet like white zinfandel, I am happy they are venturing back into the pink stuff.

In leu of Rose's becoming so popular this time of year, we have brought in quite a number of new ones for the season.  I will probably be featuring one or two a month for the summer because there is no reason to drink only one Rose all the time! You can have your favorites, but there are too many wonderful wines and styles of Rose to not be adventurous.  

Today's must try Rose is the Pisoni Vinyards Lucy Rose of Pinot Noir.  I was first introduced to this wine about 2 years ago when winemaker Bibiana Gonzalez Rave, the wife of the Lucy Rose winemaker Jeff Pisoni, was in town showcasing her wines (those are amazing wines as well, but for another time).  She was also sampling the Lucy Rose for her husband and it was amazing.  My husband also fell in love with this wine and now it has become a staple in our house during the summer months.  I even got a magnum of it for his retirement party!  It is a pretty sweet bottle if you ever come across one. 

The 2021 vintage was given 90 points by Wine Spectator.  It is a different style from your more commonly found Provence Roses.  Slightly fuller bodied and a deeper color of pink.  The bouquet is bright with strawberry and raspberry and these flavors carry through to the palate along with a soft touch of peach.  It is crisp and refreshing and perfect for the hot summer days (and nights).  A wine well deserving of trying and stocking up for the summer! Cheers!

Pisoni Vineyards Lucy Rose of Pinot Noir 2021 - 750ml

-Patrick Mulrooney

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