Today was one of the first days in the past 3 plus months that I thought to myself that I was ready for the heat to be over.  Running in this weather has been very difficult, but I still would much rather have the heat than the cold!

With that being said, it is much easier to pour a big glass of red in cooler temps and a cold glass of white or rose in the heat.  However, I still crave a big Napa Cabernet even if the weather outside is not cooperating.  

Scattered Peaks Cabernet Sauvignon is an awesome Cabernet from Napa Valley.  This comes from two excellent people in the wine industry.  First is Derek Benham.  He is the brains behind the Blackstone label that was one of the most popular Merlots back in the day, so much so we even nicknamed it "Crack"stone the way people seemed to be addicted to it.  The second is Joel Aiken.  I got the opportunity to have dinner with Joel a couple times when he was with another winery.  He got his start with Beaulieu Vineyards making one of the top California Cabernets George de Latour.  Both of these men have amazing backgrounds and history in California winemaking.  Together they have created an amazing Napa Cabernet.  Not only is this your typical big, bold and intense style wine, but the bottle alone gives that impression.  I try and not let labels and packaging influence me too much when choosing wines, but the bottle that they use for this wine is very impressive.  It is a big heavy bottle that makes it look like a wine that is much more expensive, while it actually is less than $30! 

The current release is the 2019 and it received a 90-point rating from Wine Enthusiast.  Even they were impressed with the bottle in their description "Within a heavy bottle, this wine is thick and concentrated in plum, currant and generous oak; the tannins are present and firm. Spicy black pepper, clove and a hint of vanilla give it an edgy savory character that helps to balance the fruit."

So even though the weather may still be screaming for a cold glass of rose or white wine, sometimes you just need a big red.  Just because it is hot out, doesn't mean I stop eating steak!  I still need that nice glass of red to pair with my steak, or sometimes, just as a meal in itself.

I highly recommend giving this Cabernet a try now and especially as the winds begin to change and the weather starts to cool off because it will be winter soon enough!

Scattered Peaks Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

-Patrick Mulrooney

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