It is amazing how influential a movie can be in our lives.  The movie Sideways from 2004 almost single handedly change the face of the wine industry in California.  With the line “If anyone orders Merlot I am leaving. I am not drinking any fucking Merlot!”, the sales of Merlot began to decline, and Pinot Noir took off.  Nearly 20 years later, we are still seeing the effects of this, and Merlot still has a bad rap. (Spoiler alert, his favorite wine revealed at the end is a Merlot!)

Merlot is actually an amazing grape.  It has an elegance you cannot get from Cabernet Sauvignon and body that lacks from Pinot Noir.  Many producers are even starting to label their Merlot as a "Proprietary Red" because it sells better, and the consumer has no idea they are actually drinking Merlot.

One excellent winery that is still producing wonderful Merlot is Trefethen Winery.  Their merlot not only comes from Napa Valley, but even more specifically, the Oak Knoll District within Napa.  

"Herbaceous and tart in red currant, this is a graceful and balanced red wine that is soft and supple in tannin. Ready for the table, it delivers consistency and structure without fuss, delivering elegant cedar and clove tones as it finishes." Wine Enthusiast- 92 Point Rated

Even if you do not try this Merlot, or if you don't like this one, I beg you to keep drinking Merlot and find one that you do love, because despite its reputation, it truly is one of the most wonderful grapes there is!

Trefethen Merlot Napa Valley 2018 - 750ml 

Merlot – Craft & Curd

-Patrick Mulrooney

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