I am always hearing my family and friends saying how much that they do not like chardonnay.  There is even a phrase people use, ABC, "anything but chardonnay".  They say they hate the buttery and oaky style of Chardonnay.  While I totally understand what they are talking about, I always try to tell them they are drinking the wrong kind of Chard.  

Most people have only been exposed to California Chardonnay.  While these wines are excellent in quality, they tend to have a style that is very distinctive.  Most tend to be big buttery oak bombs and people think that this is what Chardonnay has to be like, but it doesn't!  Burgundy is a wine region in France which produces almost exclusively wines from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  The Chardonnay from Burgundy are much different than your typical California Chardonnays in that they use much less oak and do not have as much of the creamy buttery style. 

An even more specific region within Burgundy, is the region of Chablis.  These Chardonnay tend to be almost completely unoaked and have a very crisp more fruit driven style.  Many people feel like they even taste more similar to Sauvignon Blanc!  One excellent producer of Chablis is William Fevre and their Champs Royaux 2019 is an amazing value which I highly recommend trying!  92 points from Wine Enthusiast and under $25!

So before you say ABC! when it comes to your wine choice, please give Chablis or any white from Burgundy a try first.  I think your eyes will be opened to an amazing new outlook on Chardonnay.

William Fevre Chablis Champs Royaux 2019 

-Patrick Mulrooney

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