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Don't be afraid of the word sweet

Posted by Tom Kisthart on

What if I told you this wine comes from a beautiful limestone amphitheater single vineyard, it's sourced by one of the most respected importers of European wines and it's as complex as wines triple the price. And oh, by the way, it happens to have a little sugar in it. Why is that such a bad thing? Do you not like anything that is sweet? A savvy customer of ours recently purchased a number of bottles for the toast at their wedding. I think this is a brilliant idea. Pour most people a flute of bubbles at the same price point and they're likely to either be indifferent or find it repulsive. Pour this and the vast majority of the people will say, wow, what is this. And it's only 7% alcohol so you can indulge what your initial response will be. More.

Tintero Moscato d'Asti Sorì Gramella 2014

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