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Deals on Kermit Lynch & Other Like-Minded Importers

Posted by Tom Kisthart on

A great way to find new wineries is to find a few reliable importers and seek out their wines. The best ones will have some degree of style consistency - or at least a shared philosophy - throughout their entire portfolio. Our favorite importer is Kermit Lynch and we're fortunate to have some of the best pricing in the country on their wines. Also included on this list are wines from some of our other favorite importers whom we also have great pricing on.


In parenthesis are the average prices that the the wines are listed for on Wine Searcher.

Ogier Viognier de Rosine 2012 $19.99 ($36 WS)

Neal Rosenthal
Louis Dressner
Marc de Grazia

2013 Benito Ferrara Greco di Tufo $14.99 ($21)

Domaine Select

NV Alfred Gratien Champagne Brut $29.99 ($50 WS)

(Quantities are limited and on many of the wines we cannot get anymore at these prices)

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