Terry Theise Germany & Austria Special Offer

Feb 01 , 2016

Tom Kisthart

Terry Theise Germany & Austria Special Offer

Terry Theise is one of the most highly trusted importers of fine wine there are. He is a specialist in the wines of Germany, Austria and (grower) Champagne and is considered one of the world's leading authorities on those wines. His name on the back of a label offers a lot of assurance that the wine contained inside is of the utmost quality and speaks of the place it is from. Terry has so much clout with his producers that when necessary he will not purchase all of the wines that they make if some don't meet his standards (typically importer / suppliers are expected to buy a wineries whole line).

The link below will take you to a price list of some of the best wineries in Germany & Austria. The wines will arrive in or around May 2016 and we would charge you half now and half upon arrival. Solid case orders are required and we need to submit orders by 2/5/15.

Please email me at Tom@craftcurd.com with any questions or to place an order.

Click here to download excel spreadsheet via Dropbox.