Incredible Deals on Super-Tuscan & Bubbles

Mar 07 , 2016

Tom Kisthart

Incredible Deals on Super-Tuscan & Bubbles

Two new arrivals:

2011 Querciabella Mongrana $14.99 (compare online at $23.99) is a blend of 50% Sangiovese, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Merlot that was rated 90 points by the critic James Suckling. This is a great alternative to Bordeaux yet with an Italian twist. It has a lovely subtle perfume that includes cedar, sandalwood, cherry and spice box. The palate is really dry with a pleasant mineral streak and acidity that makes your mouth water a bit. This is the type of wine that is great at the table or can be savored on its own. Querciabella is recognized as a top winery in Tuscany with an eccentric owner who is an outspoken animal rights activist, art advisor to billionaires (owns advisory firm based out of Dubai) and is in the process of bringing a vegan restaurant chain to the US. They farm their grapes beyond organic in what is known as Biodynamic which treats the vineyard as it's own ecosystem and vineyard work is coordinated with the solar system. I'm oversimplifying. It's way weirder than that ;-). The vineyards that produce the grapes that make up this wine are from the premium southwestern coastal area called Maremma. I highly recommend giving this wine a shot while we have it.

Langlois Brut Rose Cremant de Loire NV $14.99  (compare online at $26.99) I fell in love with this Cabernet Franc sparkler back when I used to work at Bern's Fine Wine & Spirits. I eventually came to distribute it and my friends (also BFWS alum) who opened the wine bar Bianchi's Enoteca were selling nearly a case a week of it at one point. It is a really pretty rosé with restrained berry flavors, perhaps a touch of rose petal and with the slightest suggestion of the herbaceous flavors that Cabernet Franc should have. The alcohol is fair at 12.5% it is perfect for spicing up a Sunday afternoon. Maybe throw some in your water bottle and hit Bayshore as I'm found of...Wait think I just broke multiple laws with that last sentence...Anyways, you probably should drink more bubbles (Unless you absolutely detest them. Then what you should do is to at least take a sip with an open mind anytime someone offers you some, you may not realize the pleasure you're missing. Just make sure it's not Cook's, Korbel or something else nasty like that which may be the reason you don't like bubbles in the first place).