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My Favorite Portfolio of Wines

Posted by Tom Kisthart on

I'd like to introduce you to a micro wine distributor that happens to represent some of the best small wineries in the world. Two years ago I was taking a break from my 9 years living in Tampa working for the famous Park Avenue shop Sherry-Lehmann. I was plotting on how to get back to Tampa when I saw a job listing for a distributor called Florida Wine Company. No they don't sell Florida wine but do represent 2 of the best European wine importers: Kermit Lynch and Neal Rosenthal. Then I looked at their California portfolio and was equally impressed. I had just finished a book by the excellent writer Jon Bonné called The New Californian Wine. The Florida Wine Company portfolio seemed to contain all of the high profile wineries featured in this influential book. Names such as Chanin, Copain, Lioco, Hirsch, Peay & Matthiasson. These are producers that are widely sought after in cities like San Francisco, New York and Instagram ;-). Yet here in Florida, excluding Miami, they don't hold the same recognition. Yet...

As luck would have it, I got the job with Florida Wine Company and made it back to Tampa with a new found love of my favorite city in the world. I spent nearly a year acquainting myself with some of the best wines I've tasted and was fortunate to have the opportunity to open Craft & Curd where I continue selling these wines.

In a part two of this post I will dig deeper into their California portfolio and then will cover their impeccable European selection (which now also includes the legendary  grower Champagne, German and Austrian wine importer Terry Theise).

In the meantime, a copy of their portfolio in excel format can be downloaded here. You can special order through us with no minimums, the prices listed are what you pay plus sales tax. We receive deliveries from FWC every week on Thursday, the cut off for delivery is Tuesday. The list is up to date as of June 5th 2015 but things sell out and prices change so confirm with us first. (we are not responsible for any errors in price and availability). I'd be happy to offer you a personalized guide of the portfolio if you need help picking out certain wines.

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