Jul 16 , 2015

Tom Kisthart

The Wines of Sandhi

Raj Parr is a legendary figure in the wine industry. He is known for his remarkable ability to identify wines blind (often down to the exact vineyard and vintage) and for writing the excellent book Secrets of the Sommeliers (I highly recommend this book even if you have no interest in becoming a sommelier). Raj was the national wine director for the Michael Mina group overseeing the wine programs for his restaurants in places like San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami and what would have been St. Petersburg for him but Raj decided to focus on his winery projects full-time before the opening of Tampa Bay's Locale Market.

Enter Sandhi.

Raj has a handful of winery projects going on but Sandhi is the one where he touches the most people. The vineyard sources are within Santa Barbara but when you taste the wines Burgundy is what comes to mind. They are very much in 'the new California wine' style and are prominently featured in Jon Bonné's book by the same name. I'll pull a quote from Sandhi's website to give you a better idea of their style and what they seek to avoid:

"Sandhi is dedicated to making wines of finesse, minerality, acidity, structure and balance. Wine achieves power and beauty through the seamless integration of these qualities, and this is the inspiration for Sandhi. Wines exhibiting extreme ripeness, alcohol, oak, and other discordant exaggerations cannot truly express a specific vineyards terroir."

Raj has some great partners to help him gain access to top vineyards in the area, Charles Banks, former owner of Screaming Eagle, and winemaker Sashi Moorman to make sure those vineyards express themselves fully.

Sandhi is one of those producers that fly under the radar in our state of Florida versus markets like NYC or San Francisco. That often benefits us in the form of better pricing and availability. We currently have in stock their 2012 Santa Barbara County Chardonnay and 2012 Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir.

We will feature these 2 wines from Sandhi at our tasting this Friday July 17th, 2015 from 6:00 to 8:00 and offer them at a special price.

We also have access to some of their other Chardonnays which can be special ordered:

2012 Santa Rita Hills

2012 Sanford & Benedict

2012 Rita's Crown

2012 & 13 Bentrock

Contact Tom@craftcurd.com for pricing. Special orders of 6 bottles of individual types can obtain the very best pricing however we can arrange for smaller orders.