Sep 14 , 2015

Tom Kisthart

Soave Tasting - 'Underdog Wine Series'

Join us on Wednesday, September 30th 2015 from 6:00 to 8:00PM for the first installment of our 'Underdog Wine Series'.

Soave is one of the world's most under appreciated white wines. This is largely in part because the region - near Verona, in Italy's Veneto - got a bad rap for mass-produced wines tasting like mineral water with a drop of lemon. There are however many quality focused producers that can't sell their wine for nearly what it is worth due to this miss-perception that many drinkers have. Those in the know win.

Our tasting will focus on some of the best Soaves that I've come across in sampling all that I can get my hands on. The lineup is still being finalized but it may include a red wine that is not considered Soave but made in the same area by a producer of Soave. There is a category of Soave called Cru (or single vineyard) that I would like to feature one of. However the ones I've been tasting from the 2013 vintage haven't been up to the quality level I expect and that may be due to the year or the wines simply requiring more time in bottle. Be sure to be on our email list for updates and news on future tastings in our 'Underdog Wine Series', You can add yourself here.

This one will be a free tasting.