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Introducing the Craft & Curd Wine & Cheese Club (Tampa Residents)

Posted by Tom Kisthart on

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of the Craft & Curd Wine & Cheese Club. I'll get right into the details:

$40 (plus tax) per month gets you one bottle of red and one white each month
You also get one special piece of cheese to go with them

Additional benefits for Tampa members:

15% off all cheese / gourmet goods purchases
10% off 6 bottle purchases instead of having to buy 12 (In store only. Some exclusions)
Invitations to special club only tastings
Access to special sales 
Possible additional benefits not thought of yet...

The time has come where we have to raise the price of our Friday tastings to $20 per person. Wine club members will however continue paying just $10 for the tastings.

The only way to join right now is by sending me an email at I'll respond back with an invoice. Please note that that is just a preliminary invoice and the real one will come the day after. Click the 'pay now' button in the second email and check box to leave CC on file. The day of the month you pay the invoice is when the charge will occur again monthly. The selections will be available for pickup around the 3rd or 4th week of the month depending. 

The wines I pick out can be from anywhere in the world. I'm not going to get extremely geeky or radical in my selections but they have to be interesting. There is only so much I can say about a Napa Cabernet like it's from Napa and a Cabernet. I love the story or interesting details behind the wines. A lot of the selections will be European but I will pull from all over the world, including (gulp) California.

You get detailed background stories about the wines along with suggested food pairings. I want you to learn a little bit more about the regions the wines come from and what makes them special. Wine is all about place. That's what makes it interesting to me. Not whether it has "hints" of clove or a "touch" of lavender. 

I'm really excited about selecting the cheese each month. This gives me the opportunity to pick out some nice cheeses and not worry about whether or not it will sell. From time to time, we may include a meat based product instead of cheese but we'll give any non-meat-eaters the option to get a cheese in its place.

I reserve the right to occasionally do two reds for the month, if fitting. I promise to never do two whites though. Given that one of the bottles will be white each month I know this might scare some people away. EMBRACE WHITE WINE. Try, at least. Whites are much more versatile with food than red. The white will be way more likely to pair well with the cheese more so than the red. But Tom, isn't red wine healthier? Sure if you drink no more than 1.5 glasses of wine a day (less if you're female). Who among us does that? I'm no doctor and I'd hate to burst your bubble but we're probably negating any health benefits with the amounts we consume anyway.

This club is also available for out of town customers (great gift idea, no?). The cost is the same but does not include the piece of cheese or the additional benefits. I'll include printed notes on the wines in the shipment. You can view the states we're allowed to ship to here

Ready to join? Send me an email at 

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