Dec 02 , 2016

Tom Kisthart

Newsletter: December 2nd 2016

Hello everyone,

Wow. Has it really been a whole week since I last wrote? I'll do my best to make up for it. Get comfortable. 

I'll get into tonight's tasting first, the second part of the email below is about new beer arrivals if you care to skip ahead. 

Join us tonight between 6:00 and 8:00 for a tasting of about a dozen wines with cheese. The cost is just $10 per person. We'll be joined by the lovable Mike with Opici (that's his full name, by the way).

I'll be starting everyone off with the lovely Sofia Blanc de Blanc from Coppola. Good old Francis is putting the heat on his Florida distributor so we're able to sell it a good deal lower than everyone online. Twelve bucks. Probably costs them nine just to make it. The winery does a much better job at describing it than I can: "2015 Sofia Blanc de Blancs delivers an evocative fragrance of passion fruit and orange blossoms followed by subtle notes of pineapple, peach, honeysuckle, apricot and lime."

Next I'll be rolling into the new vintage of our most popular Sauvignon Blanc: 2015 Mt. Beautiful out of Marlborough, New Zealand. The 2015 is a bit more typical of the region than the previous year with lime, grass, grapefruit and something English people call gooseberries. 

Burgundy prices keep going up but there are still plenty of deals to be found. I don't buy wine when I want to buy a wine. I buy when the distributor needs to sell me something - at a loss to them. 2013 Chanson Bourgogne Blanc (Chardonnay) is drinking beautifully. Warm apples with a touch of smoke and soft spice. A delicious steal for $13! Only 23 bottles available then it's gone. 

We've just started carrying Quilt Napa Valley Cabernet from Joe Wagner, the mastermind who sold the brand Meiomi for $315 mil. Just the label, nothing else. Well him and his family know how to make some really slick wines. Caymus Cabernet is usually the first of the big dog Napa Cabernets to come out and is pretty much always ready to drink upon release. This is Joe's first shot at Cabernet (I believe) and it's impressive in its own right. I'd like to put it side by side next to Caymus...Belle Glos Pinot...And Conundrum Red to see the difference or lack thereof. Maybe there all the same wine ;-) See for yourself if this slick style of Cabernet is for you. Our pricing is great because there's a large difference between what accounts with restaurant licenses pay and those without pay. Arbitrage baby. Can't mention price here. 

Hopping over to Mike's wines I'm skipping to a new Napa Cabernet that he'll be pouring called Aviary. It's more of what you think of when you think Cabernet Sauvignon. It actually has tannins. Dryer and with maybe a whiff of cedar that you won't find in Quilt. 

Mike will also be pouring a new Beaujolais which couldn't be more different than the Cab. Soft, round, juicy, fruity. If you're one of THOSE people (not judging, ha) that likes to drink big reds with your sushi, try this instead. Then next time drink a dry Riesling with your sushi and you're on the road back to civilization, Thor. 

Mike with Opici will be finishing with a beast of a wine from the Veneto region of Italy that is very much made in the style of Amarone: Cesari Jema. Which reminds me, it's time to get that baby into the decanter. He'll also be pouring some old favorites. Hopefully he'll be wearing some clothes tonight. No promises.


Tomorrow (as in Saturday) we're going to have some cans of Oskar Blues Death by Coconut available when we open at noon. You have no idea how many emails I needed to trade to get my hands on these two cases. I do it for you, dear beer customer. Oskar Blues has the same ownership as Cigar City so they both share my favorite distributor: JJ Taylor. The one that sent a manager into the store to get our business back and then told us the next month that we're only allowed to receive beer from them once every 3 weeks! They also let me pick up the beer from their warehouse too, how nice. On top of that, my rep was upset with me because I took too long to pick up the order. Yes, she got to see my not so pleasant side. I wouldn't be surprised if JJ Taylor next forced me to wear a t-shirt when I go there that says something to the effect of we own you. Big beer, love it. Needless to say, I put a lot of effort into getting this beer, I hope you get to enjoy some. Pickup some of their Ten Fidy Imperial Stout and mix the two together, it's awesome! Play with the ratio yourself - more Ten Fidy than the coconut worked good for me. We also now carry Colorado's iconic Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale. Pairs well with getting stoned in the woods. 

Mas Beer

We've been selling a lot of these ultra-limited beers that we've gotten in from the hipsy brewer Grimm. What's a hipsy brewer you ask? It's a hipster brewer that doesn't have a brewery so he makes beer at other breweries. Hipster+Gypsy. Just coined that term myself.

[UPDATE: THE TWO ON THE RIGHT HAVE SOLD OUT SINCE I STARTED WRITING THIS EMAIL, SCARCITY MY FRIENDS, SCARCITY] The Cherry Pop! [NOW SOLD OUT] in the center is highly sought after and almost gone [NO, IT IS GONE] may well be by the time you get this email [TOO LATE].

New from Mikkeller is their Black Hole stout brewed with coffee, honey and vanilla. 100 point score on And their collaboration with Anchorage Brewing Company called Invasion IPA which they classify as a Farmhouse IPA bottled with Brettanomyces (sounds appetizing, ay?). And from Crooked Stave we have one of their top beers which is l'Brett d'Raspberry (golden sour ale, aged in oak barrels with Raspberries). Here's how it works, you give me $13.99 plus tax and I gave you 12.7 ounces of beer. Enjoy! 

Be sure to stay in the loop, there will be some interesting arrivals from Funky Buddha over the next six or so weeks.

I have a couple of asks. I'm trying to get our shop to show on Beer Advocate's list of Beer Shops in Tampa. Can you take a second to rate us here. I believe registration will be required. It's the only way for us to show on the list. 

And I've added a little blurb below with links to where you can drop us a review if you're feeling kind. 

I need to go do some pushups...All this beer talk is making me feel fat. See ya soon.