Pieropan Soave

Jul 03 , 2017

Tom Kisthart

Pieropan Soave

I've been in love with the often neglected wines of Soave for nearly a decade now. Soave, the area in Italy's Veneto region produces some of the country's best white wines. There's a misperception in the US that they're just simple jug wines because of the popularity of the mass-market version a few decades ago from Bolla. 

Sadly (for the quality producer) they have trouble selling their wines at the price they deserve. That's not so sad for us the consumer who wins. 

The winery Pieropan is considered one of (if not, THE) top producer of Soave. Their single vineyard crus often rank as some of Italy's greatest white wines. 'La Rocca' is made 100% with the principle grape of Soave Garganega and sees a year in barrel which is not typical for Soave. The cru Calvarino includes 30% Trebbiano di Soave in the blend and does not see any oak.

Their entry-level Soave is consistently a best buy for under $15. The 2016 vintage that we now have in stock commemorates their 50th vintage. The style for the 2016 is really unique from what I've experienced in the past. It's a bit brighter, more aromatic and slightly less mineral than usual. Perfect for warm weather dining outdoors. 

Here are the wines that we currently have available from this benchmark producer:

Pieropan Soave DOC 2016 $13.99

Pieropan Soave Classico Calvarino 2015 $27.99

Pieropan 'La Rocca' Soave Classico DOC 2013 $29.99

Pieropan 'La Rocca' Soave 2014 $29.99