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Hot Deal Alert - John Anthony Napa Cabernet

Posted by Tom Kisthart on

It's rare that we get offered such a great deal on premium Napa Valley Cabernet, a category not known for bargains. John Anthony is a small family operation that specializes in making great wines from select vineyards in Napa. John's father is Tony Truchard, founder of the famous Carneros winery. 

I've had several Cabernets recently at double the price of this gem that are not drinking as well. Our price is $15 to $25 lower than what you will find online. Be sure to pick some up while it is still available:

John Anthony Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2013 $44.99 

94 Points James Suckling 

"Fascinating wine with a superb intensity of blackcurrant and blackberry character. Medium to full body, a dense center palate and fine and silky tannins. A beauty. Drink in 2018." 

New Arrival: Texier Cote du Rhone 'St. Julien en St. Alban' 2012

Posted by Tom Kisthart on

We've just gotten in an exciting new wine from one of our favorite importers Louis Dressner: Texier Cote du Rhone 'St. Julien en St. Alban' 2012 $16.99. This is far from your typical Cote-du-Rhone. It is made up with all Syrah, where most CdR's are blends. The self taught winemaker/owner Eric Texier apprenticed in Burgundy so Pinot Noir comes to mind when you taste his wines. They are often more aromatic and slightly lighter than you might expect from the grapes he works with. This wine has a lovely violet nose with perhaps a whiff of bacon fat, white pepper and smoke.

The world's most influential wine critic Robert Parker is said to have informed Eric that he would no longer review his wines because he didn't understand them. Eric was rather pleased with this. He speaks his mind even if it is against his own interests. Eric also makes a Chateauneuf-du-Pape but says that he hasn't liked that wine in a decade because the region has become so warm over the years which he attributes to climate change. The only reason he still makes the CdP is because he was an outstanding contract with the vineyard owner and when it expires he is not likely to renew. So I've spoke about Terroir in the previous post. Many people believe that a wine cannot speak of the place it comes from if it is not made with indigenous yeast. Most wine brands are made with yeast that comes from a factory which imparts certain flavors to the wine. That is in direct opposition to letting a wine's potential Terroir to show. Seek out wines from importers like Kermit Lynch and Louis Dressner, both of whom work almost exclusively with winemakers who take a more natural approach.

[Photo from importer's website by Jarred Gild]

Gros Noré Bandol Blanc 2011

Posted by Tom Kisthart on

Bandol is a high quality appellation within Provence that makes rose,
white and red wines. The reds and roses are dominated by the grape
Mourvèdre and the whites are made up of Clairette, Bourboulenc and
Ugni Blanc (known in Italy as Trebbiano). The French specialist
importer Kermit Lynch imports some of the best Bandols such as Domaine
Tempier, Terrebrune, Tour du Bonne and this one Domaine du Gros 'Noré.
The family used to just sell their grapes to famous wineries such as
Domaine Ott but since 1997 they started bottling their own wines. They
quickly gained a lot of respect for the quality of wines they've been
putting out. This Bandol Blanc is made up of 70% Ugni Blanc and 30%
Clairette. They allow the grape skins to macerate with the juice for
24 hours which is uncommon for white wines. The wine has a lovely
perfume but nothing like the cloying scent that Viognier often has.
The acidity and minerality are both firm and balanced with the other
components of the wine.

We're able to offer this wine at a discount of nearly 50%.

Buy now: Gros Noré Bandol Blanc 2011