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FitVine Pinot Noir California 2015

FitVine Pinot Noir California 2015

  • 1999

FitVine wines are full-bodied, great tasting clean wines with 0 GMOs, 0 additives,   and dramatically less sulfites.  All our wines have higher antioxidants and no residual sugar which means less carbs & calories!

We only use pesticide free, hand-harvested grapes and implement a rigorous double filtered, cold stabilized process to remove impurities.

Our Pinot Noir has a bouquet of toasted cedar, black cherries, hints of orange blossom and honey with a round velvety mouthfeel. Smooth and well balanced, it’s the perfect complement to any meal and your healthy lifestyle. 

Per 5oz glass, 95 calories and 3.4g of carbohydrates at 13.9% alcohol

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