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Garzon Cabernet Franc Uruguay 2015

Garzon Cabernet Franc Uruguay 2015

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The multiple plots in Garzón cover both hill slopes. The size is less than a hectare for each plot and they have different orientations and humidity levels. This fact allows developing different little vineyards and creating a special environment where native forests are combined with big rocks and natural palm trees.

This is the best place for the Cabernet Franc Reserva 2015 to ripe. Its production process takes between 6 and 12 months and is carried out in 50 HL untoasted French oak barrels and bottis.

Its colouring is purple and intense and has violet reflections. This noble red wine has mineral aromas coming from ripe peppers, spices and fruits of the forest accompanied by a subtle chocolate note and smoked hints coming from selected barrels. It has an impacting mouth with nice tannins, mixing prunes and ripe blackberries with fresh eucalyptus and mint notes that make it very complex.

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