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Kosta Browne 'Cerise Vineyard' Anderson Valley 2016 -  750ml

Kosta Browne 'Cerise Vineyard' Anderson Valley 2016 - 750ml

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"Just 65 miles north of our winery in Sebastopol, CA is a parcel of land with raw, rustic character, and potential that we have only begun to tap into. It is here, in Anderson Valley, where our journey to find world-class Pinot Noir brought us in 2016.

When visiting Cerise, one can feel the dichotomy of the land. Tameless and wild, but nonetheless beautiful in an unblemished sort of way. Pinot Noir blocks sit on the eastern side of the valley, facing west, 16 miles from the coast. The terrain is unrelenting, with slopes as steep as 30% ranging from 700 ft to 1,700 ft elevation. There is not a single block on flat ground.

The incredible location has had a history of producing top ranking wines and we feel humbled to have the opportunity to farm this site and tell its story through our interpretation. As the years progress, we will continue to pursue wines that speak of their sense of place and invite you to join us on this exciting journey."