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Valdespino Inocente Fino Sherry NV 750ML

Valdespino Inocente Fino Sherry NV 750ML

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This wine has been rated 94 points by the Wine Advocate in the past. 

"With Valdespino’s “Inocente,” Macharnudo produces Jerez’s most majestic Fino. The wine’s intensity defies description. While other Finos are fermented in tank, Inocente—like the great Finos of the past—is fermented in barrel with indigenous yeast. It then passes through its solera’s ten stages or criaderas (as opposed to the 2-3 criaderas employed for most other finos). The wine at bottling has an average age around 10 years—doubling or tripling the aging of most other Finos.

Throughout the extended aging, a cap of yeast, or "flor", both protects the nascent Inocente from oxygen, and it slowly sharpens and refines the wine. It is the archetype for traditional Fino sherry; in other words, it’s a wine as unmarked by oxidation as it is marked by flor. And it defies conventional wisdom in its ability to age for decades in bottle, developing further nuances." Rare Wine Co.